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artist number

PICTURE / LINK to picture/ please send it to also in bigger to jan@YOUin3D.com i can upload it at picasa

PLEASE UPLOAD ONLY ONE PICTURE which shows an example of your artwork!!

TEXT you want to be shown
01 http://picasaweb.google.de/JanNorthoff/VIRTUALMOVESSLARTFAIR/photo#5155833981077289058 comng



Missing Image

Multiple 2007
Aram Bartholl www.datenform.de

Aram Bartholl is selling here at NewBerlin a limited edition of the art project multiple “Missing Image” real life ! long sleeve shirts. 12 shirts numered and signed by Aram Bartholl are available for 50.000 L$ ~ 175 $ ~ 120  euro each. Worldwide shipping is included. For further Information and payment please contact inworld Aram Berthold or by email bartholl@datenform.de.

Which “textures” do we wear in real life? How do we portray ourselves by means of our body in public?

The project “Missing Image” was premiered and was for sale at the Second City shop at Ars Electronica 2007.
Aram Bartholl 2007


Title: "Soft core in solid shell"

Visualizing the emotional contrarity in an individualized, performance orientated society which is focused on optimizing economical profits by taking emotional deficits.


18,5 Ill - Ambient-Work
19 «3»

With three pictures i design special fashion.


- Opal

is a digitalwork with real photos


- Kuh

is taken with a FishEye lomography camera


- Licht

is also a lomographic shot, special lights

23   It looks like a paintig, it feels like a paintig, but i´s not a painting....and certainly less priced
21 Second Life programme TWO


In this presentation we will visit two special places for art in Second Life, and see two very different approaches to filmmaking using Second Life as stage design and setting.


NewBerlin is a stunningly realistic reconstruction of Berlin in Second Life starting from the most prominent spot in Berlin, Alexanderplatz with inclusion of the most recent buildings and still expanding. NewBerlin also hosts art festivals and regular exhibitions in the "Kulturbahnhof" the platform of the S-Bahn and in the Cubix building, the close-by cinema. On the day of our guided tour, NewBerlin is hosting the NewBerlin Art Festival which will also be shown life in Kopenhagen at that same day. ... of the YOUin3D.com crew, the owners of NewBerlin will show us around and will be present for Q&A.


Diabolus Island, on the other hand, is a much more "artificial" generic environment, where selected artists experiment with the in-world possibilties of building, sculpting and scripting in Second Life. Velazques Boneto, one of the owners and founder of Diabolus is a professional programmer and IT professor provides hands-on help for the artists with programming solutions for the individual and collaborative projects which are being realized here. CARP3 is the name of the current exhibition we will visit. We will attend the Collaborative Improvisation (Virtual JAZZ) by Juria Yoshikawa, visual artist and Noizz Papp, sound artist. Both artists are incredibly active in Second Life will almost weekly, sometimes even more frequent, activities.


"Kinshasa 2.0" of which we will see an excerpt, plays both in Second Life and in the Real world and tells the story of a prominent family in Democratic Republic of Congo whose members have been divided through political exile and who can only meet in the virtual world of Second Life. The film will be premiered in full length on this years Berlinale.

"Gaz of the Desert", on the other hand, is a film shot entirely in Second Life and tells dreamlike encounters of artist Gazira Babeli with other characters in an environment, which was an art piece by itself, and which was built by the same artist. Gazira Babeli, main actor, protagonist, stage designer and filmmaker in one person is a well-known artist who is only active in Second Life.

22 This is called "The Sewer". You can go inside. Discover and smell the underground! Next one is "chairs on table", do you remeber the movie Poltergeist?


Pauline Baxter may be called a Second Life artist avant-la-lettre. Her work represents many aspects of what SL is or can be. In her photographs she depicts portraits, images of sexual dependency and visual political statements about freedom and the human (and avatar?) right for self-determination.


Pauline came to SL for explorations of the boundaries of life in virtual reality, not intending to do art. She very soon started a very personal and intense life style. When she first showed her photographs from SL in her private rooms, only, she was soon asked to photograph for friends and people who visited her. She thus became a portrait photographer of a very special kind: asked to take pictures, she would insist to have all freedom to do it in her ways, to do her art.


The intensity of her images both shows her emotional engagement in SL and her professional background as artist in RL. Although life and art in SL still is more experiment and recreation for Pauline, her photographs from SL are inspiring, controversial and influential in many aspects.

(Text: Olga Wunderlich)






Real Life

ReHa I

Antonia Ling


Real Life


Antonia Ling


Real Life


Antonia Ling


Real Life

Ruegen 06 I

Antonia Ling


Real Life

Ruegen 06 II

Antonia Ling


Real Life

Ruegen 06 III

Antonia Ling


Second Life

Object 03

Metallic Wings

Antonia Ling



Second Life

Sculpture 13

The Wedge

Antonia Ling


Second Life

Sculpture 14

Inside the Stone

Antonia Ling

31 2 prim fountain

My piece for the newBERLIN Art Festival are 5 "LunArtIc Cubes", 2 double, 1 single. In these red cubes you can see a review of my RL artwork, with SL made parts.

Don't ask me "what i wanna tell you with this" - thats the most stupid question ever. Ask yourself what it means to you!

Art has to give statements by itself. Real statements. It has to give images to you which are testing if your own images in mind are hard enough, powerful enough, reflected enough. Art has to make you a LunArtIc! - it unclears you first to make then everything clearer as never before!


Enjoy it.






artwork by

::emo biedermann::




talking berliner (donut)

spinning things

crazy poseball

glowing stuff



-> feel free to

test the objects



cya Emo



after an atomic war all problems of humanity were solved in no time. rats are now the crowned top of evolution, but they take it easy.


Renate Lubitsch







This sculpture symbolizes the "male-female principle" by making use of animated textures.




3d rocks!!!


see also my analog art in the kulturbahnhof :)


atze hyun


Our installation of "Projekt EinsICHt" (Project InsIght) is an (german at this time) art project presentation, creating coalation-works of poems with paintings, Second Life is for some of us a place where we can test the rl-installations which will be shown once a year at an artbook and a gallery. The project exists for supporting primarly young artists, who could find new ways of inspiration, self-expression and the "right" look insight.


At newBerlin we are presenting some lonely standing works, including the first cooperation created in SL, which are chosen by a casual modern look and meaning to each other. Included works are of these artists: Alexandra Wolf, Alexander "Lex" Hanke, Felix Ernst, Micky, Mona Dann, Stefan "Crusoe" Krusche, Philipp Elste and Pierre Corell. Feel free to watch our website for more information.


Many thanks to all artists who are belonging to us, also to AuraKyo Insoo for creating the installation room.

For creativity, peace and love - and a new imagining of insIght.


Further infos about installation, artists and some photos will be available soon on our weblog.




 This one is called "Refugialmaske", the first made cooperation (variation_2) of two artists, Mona Dann (picture  "Bröckelmaske") and Pierre Corell (poem "Refugium").




 Cristobal Fargis

 RL Paintings and etchings



 souza Subagja

 RL Paintings, mixed media

 SL Sculptures





 RL Paintings



Music Hyun, Second Life SnapShootist ~ Urban, Portrait and Phantasy Photography on Second Life ~

Gallery on Brooks Wharf, Pier 5 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Strugatsky/115/23/26


newBerlin Alexanderplatz  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Berlin%20newBERLIN/226/141/31

(Monitors on building fassade, please look/cam UP!)







































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