••• CHANGHIGH TRINITY SISTERS FIRESHOW of LIGHT, LIFE & LOVE•••

 A SpirItual Light-invitation to You ,the family....and friends

We "The Children of The Most High". like to invite You to  an enlighten revelation of "The Most Highest Cosmic Consciousness" to the people of this strife-torn world; whether it be in Real Life or in Second Life.

Our show is a mixture of  highly spiritual music and cosmic speech blended with universal insight, wisdom and  philosophy.
Only the best scripters available in Second Life have been used to create the ultimate firetools and a fantastic assortment of lighting effects, the pyramids and trapezes.  
But really, the best thing to do is to come and see for yourself and experience the magic!

It is our wish and desire that Light, Life and Love may prevail and sustain within you on your journey through the labyrinth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, as you progress forward  into immortality, and on into eternity for eventually one day to be a child of The universe in Love with it all and The One.

Sincerely   Yman Juran............  on behalf of my  sisters  and together we are  The ChangHIGH Trinity Sisters of Light, Life & Love.